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Surface of Change: An Afghan Artists Journey to the United Nations Spotlight"

Surface of Change: An Afghan Artists Journey to the United Nations Spotlight"

Meet Abida, an artist from Afghanistan whose journey started by admiring the beauty around her. She fell in love with art while looking at historical places like minarets and mosques. Even though she began with simple skills, Abida's passion for art grew stronger each day.

As a woman in Afghanistan, Abida faced tough challenges – like limited education and social rules. But through her art, she shared the feelings and experiences of Afghan women. She didn't let cultural barriers stop her; instead, she worked hard to create opportunities for herself and others.

Moving to Turkey brought new struggles, but Abida kept fighting for Afghan women's rights. Her paintings caught the eye of the United Nations, giving her a chance to show the world the talent of Afghan women artists.

" Despite the challenges I faced in Turkey, I remained steadfast in my commitment to advocating for the rights of Afghan women through my art. Being recognized by the United Nations was not just a personal achievement, but a powerful opportunity to shine a spotlight on the immense talent and resilience of Afghan women artists to the world." -

Abida's story teaches us about courage and hope. Through her paintings, she continues to be a voice for Afghan women, proving that art can create change.

Having Afghan women artists recognized and praised by prestigious institutions like the United Nations is a significant moment of pride for all of us. It's a reminder of the incredible talent and strength that Afghan women possess, despite the challenges they face. It's crucial for the world to know more about these remarkable artists and their stories, to amplify their voices and celebrate their contributions to art and society."