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My spiritual journey

Photo by: Jamila Vidas
My spiritual journey

I am on a shamanic path where I am learning more about the shamanic work as I believe in living in harmony with the Cosmos and all the living beings. You see everything around you and me is alive and has a spirit, the plants, the stones, the rivers and the mountains. Many of us are believing this truth, and we are understanding that our existence is supported by these energies around us. When we live in harmony with the forces of nature, we find harmony within.

What is spirituality?  

For me it is the connection and transcendence of something bigger than us. This is nothing explainable, it is a wisdom found within us. Since my childhood, I always felt a strong connection to everything and everybody. And the more I stepped into this other dimension the more it became clearer to me, that everything is based on a transcendental logic, which our mind cannot understand, but our soul does.  I strongly KNOW and feel, that there is another world, another dimension, full of magic and miracles. A very important person in my life one said to me: I don’t live with logic, I live with magic.

How did your journey with spirituality begin?

One of the milestones of my journey towards spirituality began when I went on to travel to Peru to the Amazonian jungle to start my shamanic education with the Great Shaman Don Agustin Rivas. It was a very magical and challenging experience and since then and I am still learning a lot about healing plants, shamanic songs and healing methods.  This path has fulfilled me deeply because I reconnected to mother earth.

What is your background ?

My mother is from Croatia and my father is from Afghanistan, but I was born and raised in Germany. I won’t say I identify only as one culture, I have a mixture of both, even if I wasn’t raised as a typically afghan girl because I didn’t grew up with my father. But I have a lot in common with him, I look like him, I have many of his characteristics, such as being poetic, soft, sensitive and very determined and visionary. My father always helped people and motivated me until his death to help my brothers and sisters in need. And I have inherit the   Afghan hospitality, I love cooking and serving people. The Croatian side is more obvious because I speak Croatian, and almost every year I spend holidays in Croatia, I love this country with its beauty,  music and its nostalgic people. I guess I have a good mixture of both cultures- the afghan one is influencing me more subconsciously but the Croatian one more consciously. I guess my multicultural background has had some effects on what I do today, which is working as an intercultural Coach for Highly Gifted and Highly Sensitive People and giving woman seminaries.

You see, intercultural Communication has always been very essential and fundamental for me personally. Being with people from other cultures fulfills me with life, passion and joy. I can develop a deeper connection or relationship with some people, we are all ONE no matter what religion, race or gender one has.

What has been your biggest achievements so far?

One is buying a piece of land in Croatia where I built a place for retreats and workshops for the community. Another achievement has been  the Tatis Talents, Recruiting and Consulting agency for Highly Intelligent and Highly Sensitive People. The name TATI  is in honor to my father- Tati means Father in Croatian, and I always dedicate my work to my father. Because he wasn’t able to live his talents and potential to the fullest, I decided to dedicate my life to the very gifted people like him.

My work is also much focused on women, my sisters, I strongly connect to the feminine essence, which lead me to my mission to work a lot more with woman and to share the sisterhood. I am proud to hold space for women in my seminars and workshops in Germany, Croatia and hopefully worldwide.

What would you say is your mission in life?

A muse that inspires, touches and mirrors people, especially women, live their potential to the fullest to shine and to spend the feminine energy to make the world a more balanced place.  Aho.