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Meena Nezami: A Journey of Change and Empowerment"

Meena Nezami: A Journey of Change and Empowerment"

Living in the busy city of Dubai, meet Meena Nezami, a young Afghan Assistant Psychologist with a unique story of navigating careers and advocating for change.

Meena, passionate about understanding human behavior, has not just stuck to one path. She's exploring a shift in her career, and her secret? Reflective writing. It helps her make sense of her experiences and motivates her to see her past not as "wasted" time but as a source of valuable lessons.

"I believe exploring career options, particularly during our 20s, presents significant opportunities for both personal and professional growth."

Beyond her profession, Meena is part of the UN-led foundation, Girl Up. She noticed a gap where there was a lack of afghan women leadership and, in 2020, Meena founded Girl Up Afghanistan, aiming to empower Afghan girls.

"In August 2020, I established Girl Up Afghanistan due to the lack of Afghan members and leaders. Within a month, we gathered 50 members, conducting campaigns and workshops on women's issues. Our focus was on rural Afghan women without access to basic information, and I helped establish Girl Up clubs at Kabul University and the American University in Afghanistan."
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Despite facing challenges, like the Taliban's takeover in 2021, Meena remains committed to supporting women's rights. While Girl Up Afghanistan's platforms were shut down, Meena didn't give up. For the past two years, she focused on self-improvement, education, and her career as a psychologist. Her goal? To be better equipped to support others and advocate for women’s rights.

Meena's journey suggests that embracing change, exploring different paths, and using setbacks as opportunities for personal growth can lead to a fulfilling life. It also emphasizes the importance of resilience in pursuing meaningful goals, especially when faced with unexpected challenges.

In essence, Meena Nezami's story is a reminder that simple steps, like reflective writing and a commitment to personal growth, can lead to positive change both for oneself and for the community.