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Why COVID-19 is a wake-up call for more equality

Why COVID-19 is a wake-up call for more equality
Inequality becomes even more severe during crisis

COVID-19 is not only a pandemic that has shaken the world in depths we may not be able to recover from, for several years to come, but, for the first time in a long time the world is against a fight with a common enemy.

Today we have experienced how our society and crucial institutions can easily be overwhelmed during a crisis because we have overlooked the deficiency of its capacity of caring for the majority of its citizens. Moreover Covid-19 has revealed imbedded structural discrimination all societies suffer from.

However statistics shows that the most impact has been on women, close to 60% of women globally, work in the informal economy, they are earning less, saving less, and are also in a greater risk of falling into poverty.  This global crisis has made it even more worse.

Millions of women have lost their jobs while at the same time their unpaid jobs have increased

The global statistics shows a shocking increase in domestic violence towards women since the start of the Corona virus lockdown. Just in one day after the start of COVID-19 in UK a domestic abuse charity group reported 700% increase  in calls to their helpline for domestic violence victims seeking help. Even in France and Spain there was  an increase in domestic violence towards women, in China the latest data on domestic abuse have trippeled since the corona virus, also in Australia and Sweden there are concerns regarding domestic violence towards women.

According to UNs latest updates, the COVID-19 is causing risks in destroying the many progress made for increased equality, therefore it is even more crucial for governments to put women and girls at the center of their efforts.

Study shows how women as leaders, with equal representation and decision-making power can lead to a progressive society that manages any crisis

Currently female world leaders are being praised for their work in dealing with the pandemic, also women are being recognized for being in the frontline of fighting the corona virus since 70% of the worlds healthcare staff comprises of women.

These recognitions are ot only important to motivate our current female leaders and women working closely in solving this crisis but also is becoming an example on the importance of equality.

Photo by: UN women