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"I consider myself as a determined and motivated person"

"I consider myself as a determined and motivated person"

I was born in Kabul Afghanistan year 1991 and we have been living here in Stockholm since 1997. I have studied medicine and now I am a licensed doctor, but my goal is to become a regional doctor in the near future. Currently, I sometimes work at a beauty clinic but I also run my own clinic. During my years as a medical student, I made sure to take all the possible opportunities that came my way and I used my knowledge to help others as much as I could. My profession is my passion and whenever I had holidays for a longer period, I traveled to Norway to worked as a nurse.

I do have many hobbies but one of my absolute favorite ones is painting because painting gives me peace of mind and makes me very happy.

The very first thing that comes to my mind when I go to work is looking forward to taking on new challenges.

Yalda Badakhshi , 27

Doctor, runs Dr.B Clinics in Stockholm